Psalm 142

# 1 S 22.1; 24.3 A Prayer for Help#HEBREW TITLE: A poem by David, when he was in the cave; a prayer.
1I call to the Lord for help;
I plead with him.
2I bring him all my complaints;
I tell him all my troubles.
3When I am ready to give up,
he knows what I should do.
In the path where I walk,
my enemies have hidden a trap for me.
4When I look beside me,
I see that there is no one to help me,
no one to protect me.
No one cares for me.
5 Lord, I cry to you for help;
you, Lord, are my protector;
you are all I want in this life.
6Listen to my cry for help,
for I am sunk in despair.
Save me from my enemies;
they are too strong for me.
7Set me free from my distress;#142.7: distress; or prison.
then in the assembly of your people I will praise you
because of your goodness to me.