Psalm 11

Confidence in the Lord#HEBREW TITLE: By David.
1I trust in the Lord for safety.
How foolish of you to say to me,
“Fly away like a bird to the mountains,#11.1: Some ancient translations like a bird to the mountains; Hebrew bird, to your (plural) mountain.
2because the wicked have drawn their bows and aimed their arrows
to shoot from the shadows at good people.
3There is nothing a good person can do
when everything falls apart.”
4The Lord is in his holy temple;
he has his throne in heaven.
He watches people everywhere
and knows what they are doing.
5He examines the good and the wicked alike;
the lawless he hates with all his heart.
6He sends down flaming coals#11.6: One ancient translation coals; Hebrew traps. and burning sulfur on the wicked;
he punishes them with scorching winds.
7The Lord is righteous and loves good deeds;
those who do them will live in his presence.