Psalms 55

1 To victory, in organs, the learning of David. God, hear thou my prayer, and despise thou not my beseeching;
2give thou attention to me, and hear thou me. I am sorrowful in mine exercising;
3and I am disturbed of the face of the enemy, and of the tribulation of the sinner. For they bowed wicked-nesses into me; and in ire they were dis-easeful to me.
4Mine heart was troubled in me; and the dread of death felled on me.
5Dread and trembling came on me; and darknesses covered me.
6And I said, Who shall give to me feathers, as of a culver; and I shall fly, and shall take rest?
7Lo! I went far away, and fled; and I dwelled in wilderness.
8I abode him, that made me safe from the littleness, either dread, of spirit; and from tempest.
9Lord, cast thou down, [and] part thou the tongues of them; for I saw wickedness and against-saying in the city.
10By day and night wickedness shall encompass it on the walls thereof; and travail and unrightfulness be in the midst of them.
11And usury and guile [or treachery] failed not; from the streets thereof.
12For if mine enemy had cursed me; soothly I had suffered. And if he, that hated me, had spoken great things on me; in hap I had hid me from him.
13But thou art a man of one will; my leader, and my known.
14Which tookest together sweet meats and fellowship with me; we went with consent in the house of God.
15Death come on them; and go they down quick into hell. For way-wardnesses be in the dwelling places of them; in the midst of them.
16But I cried to thee, Lord; and the Lord saved me.
17In the eventide, and [the] morrow-tide, and in midday, I shall tell, and show; and he shall hear my voice.
18He shall again-buy my soul in peace from them, that nigh to me; for among many they were with me.
19God shall hear; and he that is before the worlds shall make them low. For changing is not to them, and they dreaded not God;
20he holdeth forth his hand in yielding. They defouled his testament,
21the cheers thereof were parted from ire; and his heart nighed. The words thereof were softer than oil; and they be darts.
22Cast thy care, or thought, [or thy busyness], on the Lord, and he shall fully nourish thee; and he shall not give without end fluttering to a just [or rightwise] man.
23But thou, God, shalt lead them forth; into the pit of death. Men-quellers and beguilers shall not have half their days; but, Lord, I shall hope in thee.