Psalms 45

1 To the overcomer, for the lilies, the most loved song of learning of the sons of Korah. Mine heart hath told out a good word; I say my works to the king. My tongue is the pen of a writer; writing swiftly.
2 Christ, thou art fairer in shape than the sons of men; grace is spread abroad in thy lips; therefore God blessed thee without end.
3Be thou gird with thy sword; on thy hip most mightily. Behold thou in thy shapeliness and thy fairness;
4come thou forth with prosperity, and reign thou. For truth, and mildness, and rightfulness [or rightwiseness]; and thy right hand shall lead forth thee wonderfully.
5Thy sharp arrows shall fall into the hearts of the enemies of the king; peoples shall be under thee.
6God, thy seat is into the world of world; the rod of thy realm is a rod of right ruling, or of equity.
7Thou lovedest rightfulness [or right-wiseness], and hatedest wickedness; therefore thou, God, thy God, anointed thee with the oil of gladness, more than thy fellows.
8Myrrh, and gum, and cassia, of thy clothes, out of the ivory houses or the houses of ivory; of which the daughters of kings delighted thee.
9A queen stood nigh on thy right side, in clothing overgilded; compassed with diversity.
10Daughter, hear thou, and see, and bow down thine ear; and forget thy people, and the house of thy father.
11And the king shall covet thy fair-ness; for he is thy Lord God, and they shall worship him.
12And the daughters of Tyre in gifts; all the rich men of the people shall beseech thy cheer.
13All the glory of that daughter of the king is within, adorned in golden hems;
14she is clothed about with diversities. Virgins shall be brought to the king after her; her neighbouresses shall be brought to thee.
15They shall be brought in gladness, and full out joying; they shall be brought into the temple of the king.
16Sons be born to thee, for thy fathers; thou shalt ordain them princes on all earth.
17Lord, they shall be mindful of thy name; in each generation, and into generation. Therefore peoples shall acknowledge to thee without end; and into the world of world.