Psalms 112

1 Alleluia. Blessed is the man that dreadeth the Lord; he shall delight full much in his commandments.
2His seed shall be mighty in [the] earth; the generation of rightful [or right] men shall be blessed.
3Glory and riches be in his house; and his rightfulness [or rightwiseness] dwelleth into the world of world.
4Light is risen up in darknesses to rightful [or right] men; the Lord is merciful in will, and a merciful doer, and rightful [or rightwise].
5The man is merry, that doeth mercy, and lendeth; he disposeth his words in doom;
6for he shall not be moved without end. A just [or rightwise] man shall be in everlasting mind;
7he shall not dread of an evil hearing. His heart is ready for to hope in the Lord;
8his heart is confirmed, he shall not be moved, till he despise his enemies.
9He spreaded abroad, he gave to poor men; his rightwiseness dwelleth into the world of world; his horn shall be raised in glory.
10A sinner shall see, and shall be wroth; he shall gnash with his teeth, and shall fail, either shall wax rotten; the desire of sinners shall perish.