Psalms 108

1 The song of the psalm of David. Mine heart is ready, God, mine heart is ready; I shall sing, and I shall say psalm in my glory#108:1 Compare Psalm 108:1-5 to Psalm 57:7-11..
2My glory, rise thou up, psaltery and harp, rise thou up; I shall rise up early.
3Lord, I shall acknowledge to thee among peoples; and I shall say psalm to thee among nations.
4For why, God, thy mercy is great on heavens; and thy truth is till to the clouds.
5God, be thou enhanced above heavens; and thy glory over all earth.
6That thy darlings be delivered, make thou safe with thy right hand, and hear [thou] me#108:6 Compare Psalm 108:6-13 to Psalm 60:5-12.;
7God spake in his holy place. I shall make full out joy, and I shall part Shechem; and I shall mete [or measure] the great valley of tabernacles.
8Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is mine; and Ephraim is the up-taking of mine head. Judah is my king;
9Moab is the cauldron of mine hope. Into Idumea I shall stretch forth my shoe; aliens be made friends to me.
10Who shall lead me forth into a strong city; who shall lead me forth till into Idumea?
11Whether not thou, God, that hast put us away; and, God, shalt thou not go out in our virtues or hosts?
12Give thou help to us out of tribulation; for the help of man is vain.
13We shall make virtue in God; and he shall bring our enemies to nought.