Psalms 104

1My soul, bless thou the Lord; my Lord God, thou art magnified greatly. Thou hast clothed acknowledging and fairness;
2and thou art clothed with light, as with a cloth. And thou stretchest forth heaven as a skin;
3and thou coverest with waters the higher parts thereof. Which settest a cloud thy ascending; which goest on the feathers of winds.
4Which makest spirits thine angels; and thy ministers a burning fire.
5Which hast founded the earth on his stableness; it shall not be bowed into the world of world.
6The depth of waters as a cloth is the clothing thereof; waters shall stand on hills.
7Those [or they] shall flee from thy blaming; men shall be afeared of the voice of thy thunder.
8Hills go up, and fields go down; into the place which thou hast founded to those [or them].
9Thou hast set a term, which they shall not pass; neither those [or they] shall be turned, for to cover the earth.
10And thou sendest out wells into great valleys; waters shall pass betwixt the midst of hills.
11All the beasts of the field shall drink; wild asses shall abide in their thirst, that is, to be filled in their thirst.
12 [The] Birds of the air shall dwell on those; from the midst of the stones they shall give voices.
13And thou moistest [the] hills of their higher things; the earth shall be [ful] filled of the fruit of thy works.
14And thou bringest forth hay to beasts; and herb to the service of men. That thou bring forth bread of the earth;
15and that wine make glad the heart of men. That he make glad the face with oil; and that bread make steadfast the heart of man.
16The trees of the field shall be [full-]filled, and the cedars of the Lebanon, which he planted;
17sparrows shall make nest there. The house of the gyrfalcon is the leader of those [or them];
18high hills be refuge to harts; the stone is refuge to urchins.
19He made the moon into times; the sun knew his going down.
20Thou hast set darknesses, and night is made; all beasts of the wood shall go therein.
21Lions’ whelps roaring for to ravish; and to seek of God meat to them-selves.
22The sun is risen, and those [or they] be gathered together; and those [or they] shall be set in their couches.
23A man shall go out to his work; and to his working, till to the eventide.
24Lord, thy works be magnified full much, thou hast made all things in wisdom; the earth is filled with thy possessions.
25This sea is great and large to hands; there be creeping beasts, of which is no number. Little beasts with [the] great;
26ships shall pass there. This dragon which thou hast formed, for to scorn him.
27All things abide of thee; that thou give to them meat in time.
28When thou shalt give to them, they shall gather; when thou shalt open thine hand, all things shall be filled with goodness.
29But when thou shalt turn away thy face, they shall be troubled; thou shalt take away the spirit of them, and they shall fail; and they shall turn again into their dust.
30Send out thy spirit, and they shall be formed of the new or reformed of new; and thou shalt renew the face of the earth.
31The glory of the Lord be into the world; the Lord shall be glad in his works.
32Which beholdeth the earth, and maketh it to tremble; which toucheth hills, and those [or they] smoke.
33I shall sing to the Lord in my life; I shall say psalm to my God, as long as I am.
34My speech be merry or mirth to him; forsooth I shall delight in the Lord.
35Sinners fail from the earth, and wicked men fail, so that they be not; my soul, bless thou the Lord.