Psalms 108

1A song or Psalme of David. O God, mine heart is prepared, so is my tongue: I will sing and giue praise. 2Awake viole and harpe: I will awake early. 3I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people, and I wil sing vnto thee among the nations. 4For thy mercy is great aboue the heauens, and thy trueth vnto the clouds. 5Exalt thy self, O God, aboue the heauens, and let thy glorie be vpon all the earth, 6That thy beloued may be deliuered: helpe with thy right hand and heare me. 7God hath spoken in his holinesse: therefore I will reioyce, I shall deuide Shechem and measure the valley of Succoth. 8Gilead shalbe mine, and Manasseh shalbe mine: Ephraim also shalbe the strength of mine head: Iuda is my lawgiuer. 9Moab shalbe my washpot: ouer Edom wil I cast out my shoe: vpon Palestina wil I triumph. 10Who will leade mee into the strong citie? who will bring me vnto Edom? 11Wilt not thou, O God, which haddest forsaken vs, and diddest not goe foorth, O God, with our armies? 12Giue vs helpe against trouble: for vaine is the helpe of man. 13Through God we shall doe valiantly: for he shall treade downe our enemies.