Psalms 37

Psalm 37
David wrote this song.
Trust the Lord #37:1 Psalm 37 is an alphabet psalm. Verse 1 begins with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, verse 3 with the second letter, and so on. It tells us not to be angry or upset when bad people seem to enjoy life and they have a lot of good things. God knows what they are really like and he will surely punish them.
1Do not become upset
because of what wicked people do.
Do not be jealous of people that do bad things.
2Remember that they are soon gone!
They are like grass that quickly becomes dry.
They will soon die like green plants in hot weather.
3 Trust in the Lord and do good things.
Then you will live safely in the land
and you will not have trouble.
4Be happy that the Lord takes care of you.
He will give to you what you most want.
5Let the Lord be your guide into the future.
Trust in him and he will help you.
6He will show that you are righteous.
That will be very clear, like the sun at noon.
7Be patient as you wait for the Lord to help you.
Trust him to bring help.
Do not become upset when bad people seem to do well,
when their wicked ideas really happen.
8Do not become angry or upset!
It will only bring trouble for you.
9 Wicked people will come to an end!
But people who trust the Lord for help
will live safely in the land the he has given to them.
10 Evil people will soon be gone.
You may look for them,
but you will not find them.
11 Humble people will live safely in the land.
They will live in peace and they will do well.
12 Wicked people think about how to hurt righteous people.
They show their teeth to frighten good people.
13But the Lord laughs at those wicked people,
because he knows that their day of punishment will come.
14 Wicked people get out their swords,
and they prepare to shoot their bows.
They try to make poor and helpless people fall down.
They try to destroy people who do what is right.
15But their swords will go into their own hearts.
Their bows will break in pieces.
16It is better to do what is right and only have a little,
than to be wicked and have a lot.
17The Lord keeps righteous people safe,
but he will destroy the power of wicked people.
18If anyone lives a completely good life,
the Lord takes care of them.
Their inheritance will last for ever.
19When times of trouble come,
they will still be safe.
In a time of famine,
they will have enough to eat.
20But wicked people will die.
They are the Lord's enemies.
They will disappear like smoke from an oven
that burns them up.
21If you lend money to a wicked person,
he will not give it back to you.
But righteous people are kind to others
and they give things freely.
22Yes, people that the Lord blesses will live safely the land.
But people that he has cursed will be removed.
23If the way that somebody lives pleases the Lord,
the Lord will lead him into good things.
24Even if that person trips, he will not fall.
The Lord will hold his hand.
25I was young once, and now I am old.
But in all my life, I have never seen any good man that God has left alone.
I have not seen his children hungry,
so that they ask people for food.
26Good people are always kind.
They lend things to other people.
Their children also bring God's blessing.
27Turn away from evil things!
Do what is right!
Then you will live safely in the land for ever.
28The Lord loves justice.
He will never leave those who serve him.
He will take care of them for ever,
but he will remove the children of wicked people.
29God's righteous people will take the land,
and they will live there for ever.
30 Righteous people speak wise words.
What they say brings justice.
31They think about God's Law all the time,
so that they do not make mistakes.
32 Evil people wait for a chance to kill righteous people.
33But the Lord will not leave his righteous people,
so that their enemies have power over them.
When evil people accuse them,
the Lord will show that they are not guilty.
34Be patient and continue to trust the Lord.
Do things his way.
Then he will help you,
so that you live safely in the land.
You will see that wicked people are removed.
35I have seen cruel, wicked people become very powerful,
like trees that grow well in good soil.
36But soon after that,
I see that they have disappeared!
I looked for them
but I could not find them anywhere.
37Think about people who are honest
and who do what is right.
Those who help people to live in peace
will live to enjoy their children.
38But God will destroy people that turn against him.
Evil people will not have descendants.
39The Lord will make righteous people safe.
He will take care of them in times of trouble.
40The Lord helps them.
He saves them from wicked people
and he keeps them safe.
He does that because they turn to him for help.