Psalms 112

Psalm 112
God makes his people strong #112:1 Psalm 112 is an alphabet poem, like psalm 111. From line 2, each line starts with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet, from Aleph to Taw.
1 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
When someone respects the Lord with fear,
God has blessed that person!
He is happy to obey the Lord's commands.
2His children will become powerful in the land.
God will bless their descendants who serve him.
3His family will have valuable things,
and they will be rich.
People will always remember
the good things that they have done.
4God's light shines on those who serve him,
even when they are in a dark place.
God blesses those who are kind to others,
and who do what is right and fair.
5People who are kind and lend money to others,
and who work in an honest way,
will enjoy a good life.
6 Righteous people will never fail.
People will always remember them.
7They are not afraid to hear bad news.
They are brave,
because they trust in the Lord.
8Their thoughts are strong
and they will not be afraid.
They know that they will win against their enemies.
9They give their things to help poor people.
People will always remember
the good things that they have done.
They will be powerful
and people will respect them.
10When wicked people see this,
they will be angry.
They will show their teeth in anger,
but then they will disappear.
Whatever wicked people want,
they will never get it.