Psalms 104

Psalm 104
God is great! #104:1 The writer of this psalm praises God. God is the one who has made the whole universe, and he is the one who takes care of it. It is because of God that everything has life.
1I say to myself, ‘Praise the Lord!’
Lord, my God, you are very great!
You rule with authority as a great king.
2Light is all round you,
like the clothes that you wear.
You have put the skies as a roof over the earth.
3You have built the beams of your home
on the clouds of rain.
The clouds carry you as you travel,
and you ride on the wind.
4You use the winds to carry your messages.
Flames of fire are your servants.
5You, Lord, built the earth
on its strong foundations.
Nothing will ever shake it from its place.
6You covered the earth with deep water,
like a coat.
The water covered the tops of the mountains.
7But when you shouted,
the water went back.
It ran away,
when you shouted like thunder.
8The water poured down from the mountains,
and it went down into the valleys.
It went to stay in the place that you had chosen for it.
9You made a border for the water
so that it could not cross.
Never again will the water cover the earth. #104:9 See Genesis 1:9-10.
10You cause springs of water
to pour along the valleys.
Streams of water run between the hills.
11They give water to all the wild animals.
Wild donkeys drink from them.
12The birds make their homes beside the streams
They sing from the branches of the trees.
13You pour down rain on the mountains
from your home above the sky.
You cause many fruits to grow on the earth.
14You give grass for farm animals to eat.
You give crops for people to plant.
In that way, people get food from the ground.
15They grow grapes for wine,
which makes them happy.
They grow olive trees for oil,
which makes their faces shine.
They grow grain for bread,
which makes them strong.
16The Lord's own trees receive plenty of rain.
They are the cedar trees
that he planted in Lebanon.
17The birds make their nests there.
Storks live there in the fir trees.
18The wild goats live high up in the mountains.
Rock badgers hide among the rocks.
19You made the moon
to tell us the months and seasons.
The sun also knows the right time for sunset.
20At night you make it dark,
so that the forest animals come out.
21The lions roar
while they look for animals to kill.
They look for the food that God gives to them.
22At sunrise, they go back to their homes,
and they lie down to rest.
23During the day, people go out to work.
They work at their jobs until it is evening.
24 Lord, you have made very many different things!
You were very wise in the way that you have made them all.
The earth is full of the living things
that you have made. #104:24 God knows how to make everything so that it is good. He is very wise. That is why we need to trust him and obey him. Then we will have good lives in the way that he has made us to be.
25Look at the sea, which is deep and wide!
It is full of living things,
that are both large and small.
They are more than anyone can count.
26Ships travel on the sea.
You made the monster, Leviathan,
to swim and to play in the sea.
27All these living things wait for you
to give them their food when they need it.
28When you give it to them, they take it.
You open your hand to feed them,
and they have plenty of good things.
29When you turn away from them,
they become very afraid.
When you take away their breath,
they die and they return to the dust.
30But when you breathe into anything,
it receives life.
In that way, you bring new life to the earth.
31I pray that the glory of the Lord
will continue for ever!
I pray that the Lord will be happy
with everything that he has made!
32When he looks down at the earth,
it shakes!
When he touches the mountains,
they pour out smoke!
33All my life, I will sing to praise the Lord.
I will always sing songs to praise my God,
for as long as I live.
34I want my song to make him happy.
I will be happy,
because of what the Lord has done.
35I pray that wicked people will disappear from the earth.
May they disappear for ever!
I say to myself, ‘Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!’