Psalms 45

For the music director. To the tune “Lilies.” A psalm (maskil) of the sons of Korah. A love song.#45:0. The theme is one of a royal wedding.
1I am moved to write about this wonderful subject. Let me share what I have written for the king. What I say comes from the pen of a skilled author.
2You are more handsome than anyone else. You always speak graciously, for God has blessed you forever.
3Strap on your sword, mighty warrior, stride out in glory and majesty!
4In your majesty ride out to victory, in the defense of truth, humility, and right, because you are strong and act powerfully.#45:4. Literally, “Let your right hand teach you fearful deeds.”
5Your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of your enemies; the nations fall under you.
6Your throne comes from God, and lasts forever and ever. The scepter with which you rule is a scepter of fairness.
7You love what is right and hate what is wrong. That is why God, your God, has placed you above everyone else by anointing you with the oil of joy.
8Your robes are perfumed with aloes, myrrh, and cassia; music played on stringed instruments in palaces decorated with ivory makes you happy.
9The daughters of kings are among the noblewomen; the queen stands beside you on your right, wearing jewelry made of gold from Ophir.
10Listen to what I have to say, daughter;#45:10. The psalmist is addressing the queen. please pay attention. Don't pine for your people and your family.
11May the king desire you in your beauty; respect him, for he is your lord.
12The people#45:12. Literally, “daughter.” of Tyre will come with gifts; rich people will look for your favor.
13Inside her preparation room the princess bride looks wonderful in her golden gown.
14Wearing her beautiful clothes she is brought to the king, followed by her bridesmaids.
15What a happy, joyful procession enters the king's palace!
16Your sons will take the place of your fathers; as princes you will make them rulers throughout the land.
17Through my words#45:17. Implied. Clearly the psalmist himself would not live through all generations. you will be famous through all generations, and nations will praise you forever and ever.