Psalms 112

1Praise the Lord! Happy are those who respect the Lord, who love to do what he says!
2Their descendants will prosper in the land; the children of those who do good will be blessed.
3Their families#112:3. Literally “house,” but not in the sense of a building, but a family line. will be wealthy; the good they do has eternal results.
4Light shines in the darkness for those who live right, for those who are gracious, compassionate, and good.
5Good things come to those who are generous in their lending and are honest in doing business.
6They will never fall. Those who live right won't be forgotten.
7They aren't afraid of bad news because they rely totally on the Lord.
8They are confident and brave, and see their enemies defeated.
9They share generously, giving to the poor; the good they do has eternal results. They are greatly respected.
10The wicked observe all this and are mad; they gnash their teeth in anger. They waste away, and all that they hoped for comes to nothing.