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Psalms 80

Rescue and Restore
For the Pure and Shining One
Asaph’s poetic song To the tune of “Your Decrees Are like Lilies”
1God-Enthroned, be revealed in splendor
as you ride upon the cherubim!
How perfectly you lead us, a people set free. # 80:1 Or “You lead Joseph like a flock.” Joseph, as a metaphor, becomes a picture of the saga of God’s people once imprisoned and now set free to rule and reign.
Loving shepherd of Israel—listen to our hearts’ cry!
Shine forth from your throne of dazzling light.
2In the sight of Benjamin, Ephraim, and Manasseh, # 80:2 The Hebrew text includes the names Ephraim (“doubly fruitful”), Benjamin (“son of my right hand”), and Manasseh (“you made me forget”). These three sons of Rachel marched together behind the ark of glory (see Num. 2:17–24) and became representatives of all who follow the glory of God. They will be “doubly fruitful,” “sons of his right hand,” and those who have “forgotten” their lives in Adam.
stir up your mighty power in full display before our eyes.
Break through and reveal yourself by coming to our rescue.
3Revive us, O God! Let your beaming face shine upon us
with the sunrise rays of glory;
then nothing will be able to stop us.
4O God, the mighty Commander of Angel Armies,
how much longer will you smolder in anger?
How much longer will you be disgusted with your people
even when they pray?
5You have fed us with sorrow and grief
and made us drink our tears by the bowlful.
6You’ve made us a thorn in the side of all the neighboring lands,
and now they just laugh at us with their mocking scorn.
7Come back, come back, O God, and restore us!
You are the Commander of Angel Armies.
Let your beaming face shine upon us with the sunrise rays of glory,
and then nothing will be able to stop us!
8-9Remember how you transplanted us here
like a tender vine from Egypt.
You cleared the land for your vineyard,
evicting the nations from your land and planting us here.
The roots of your vineyard went deep into the soil
and filled the land with fruit.
10-11Because of your favor on your vineyard,
blessing extended to every mountain of influence.
Through this flourishing vineyard mighty ones were raised up.
The nations were blessed by your fruitful vineyard of Israel,
all the way from the Mediterranean Sea # 80:10–11 This translation makes explicit the symbols in the text. The “vineyard” is Israel, the mountains are the high places of influence in culture, the cedars (“mighty ones”) are the mighty and powerful of men, and the “Sea” speaks of the nations (sea of humanity). to the Euphrates.
12-13So Lord, why have you broken down
your fence of favor around us?
Trespassers can steal the fruit from off our vines,
and now every wild beast comes
breaking through our wall to ravage us.
You’ve left us without protection!
14Come back, come back, O God to restore us!
You are the Commander of Angel Armies.
Look down from heaven and see our crisis.
Come down and care for your lovely vineyard once again.
15Nurture our root and our fruit with your loving care.
Raise up the Branch-Man, the Son whom you’ve made strong.
16Enemies chopped down our vine and set it on fire;
now show them your anger and let them perish by your frown.
17Strengthen this Branch-Man, the Son of your love,
the Son of Man who dwells at your right hand.
18Then we will never turn back from you.
Revive us again, that we may trust in you.
19O God, the mighty Commander of Angel Armies,
come back and rescue us!
Let your beaming face shine upon us
with the sunrise rays of glory.
Then nothing will ever stop us again!
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