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Psalms 79

Prayer in a Time of National Disaster
Asaph’s poetic song
1God, won’t you do something?
Barbarians have invaded your inheritance.
Your temple of holiness has been violated,
and Jerusalem has been left in ruins.
2The corpses of your loving people are lying in the open—
food for the beasts and the birds.
3The shed blood of your servants has soaked the city,
with no one left to bury the dead.
4Now the nearby nations heap their scorn upon us,
scoffing, mocking us incessantly.
5How much longer, O Yahweh, must we endure this?
Does your anger have no end?
Will your jealousy burn like a raging fire?
6If you’re going to pour out your anger,
pour it out on all these nations around us, not on us!
They’re the ones who do not love you like we do!
7See how they’ve attacked us, consuming the land,
leaving it desolate.
8Please, God, don’t hold the sins of our fathers against us.
Don’t make us pay for their sins.
Hurry to our side, and let your tenderhearted mercy
meet us in our need, for we are devastated beyond belief.
9Our hero, come and rescue us!
O God of the breakthrough, for the glory of your name,
come and help us!
Forgive and restore us; heal us and cover us in your love.
10Why should all the nations sneer at us, saying,
“Where is this God of yours?”
Now is the time, Lord.
Show your people and all the world that
you will avenge this slaughter and bloodshed once and for all!
11Listen, Lord! Hear the sighing of all the prisoners of war,
all those doomed to die. Demonstrate your glory-power,
and come and rescue your condemned children!
12Lord God, take what these mocking masses have done to us
and pay it all back to them seven times over.
13Then we, your devoted lovers, will forever thank you,
praising your name from generation to generation!
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