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Psalms 75

A Cup in God’s Hand
To the Pure and Shining One
Asaph’s poetic song To the tune of “Do Not Destroy”
1God, our hearts spill over with praise to you!
We overflow with thanks, for your name is the “Near One.”
All we want to talk about is your wonderful works!
And we hear your reply:
2“When the time is ripe I will arise,
and I will judge the world with perfect righteousness.
3Though I have set the earth firmly on its pillars,
I will shake it until it totters, and everyone’s hearts will tremble.”
Pause in his presence
4God warns the proud, “Stop your arrogant boasting!”
And he warns the wicked,
“Don’t think for a moment you can resist me!
5Why would you speak with such stubborn pride?
Don’t you dare raise your fist against me!”
6-7This I know:
the favor that brings promotion and power
doesn’t come from anywhere on earth,
for no one exalts a person but God, the true judge of all.
He alone determines where favor rests.
He anoints one for greatness
and brings another down to his knees.
8A foaming cup filled with judgment mixed with fury
is in the hands of the Lord Yahweh,
full to the brim and ready to run over.
He filled it up for the wicked, and they will drink it
down to the very last drop!
9But I will proclaim the victory of the God of Jacob.
My melodies of praise will make him known.
10My praises will break the powers of wickedness,
while the righteous will be promoted and become powerful!
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