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Psalms 67

It’s Time to Praise Him
For the Pure and Shining One
A poetic song of praise for guitar
1God, keep us near your mercy-fountain and bless us!
And when you look down on us, may your face beam with joy! # 67:1 Or “May he cause his face to shine with us” or “May he smile on us.”
Pause in his presence
2Send us out all over the world so that everyone everywhere
will discover your ways and know who you are
and see your power to save.
3Let all the nations burst forth with praise;
let everyone everywhere love and enjoy you!
4Then how glad the nations will be when you are their King.
They will sing, they will shout, for you give true justice to the people.
Yes! You, Lord, are the shepherd of the nations!
Pause in his presence
5No wonder the peoples praise you!
Let all the people praise you more! # 67:5 The Septuagint reads “Let all the people come to know you.”
6The harvest of the earth is here!
God, the very God we worship,
keeps us satisfied at his banquet of blessings.
7And the blessings keep coming!
All the ends of the earth will give him
the honor he deserves and be in awe of him!
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