Psalms 6

A Cry for Healing
For the Pure and Shining One
A song for the end, sung for the new day by King David
1No, Lord! Don’t condemn me.
Don’t punish me in your fiery anger.
2Please deal gently with me, Yahweh;
show me mercy, for I’m sick and frail.
I’m fading away with weakness.
Heal me, for I’m falling apart.
3How long until you take away this pain in my body and in my soul?
Lord, I’m trembling in fear!
4Yahweh, return to me and deliver my life
because I know your faithful love is toward me.
5How can I be any good to you dead?
For graveyards sing no songs.
In the darkness of death who remembers you?
How could I bring you praise if I’m buried in a tomb?
6I’m exhausted and worn out with my weeping.
I endure weary, sleepless nights filled with moaning,
soaking my pillow with my tears.
7My eyes of faith won’t focus anymore, for sorrow fills my heart.
There are so many enemies who come against me!
8Go away! Leave me, all you troublemakers!
For the Lord has turned to listen to my thunderous cry.
9Yes! Yahweh my healer has heard all my pleading
and has taken hold of my prayers and answered them all.
10Now it’s my enemies who have been shamed.
Terror-stricken, they will turn back again,
knowing the bitterness of sudden disgrace!