Psalms 51

Pardon and Purity
For the Pure and Shining One
A prayer of confession when the prophet Nathan exposed King David’s adultery with Bathsheba
David’s Confession
1-2God, give me mercy from your fountain of forgiveness!
I know your abundant love is enough to wash away my guilt.
Because your compassion is so great,
take away this shameful guilt of sin.
Forgive the full extent of my rebellious ways,
and erase this deep stain on my conscience.
3-4For I’m so ashamed.
I feel such pain and anguish within me.
I can’t get away from the sting of my sin against you, Lord!
Everything I did, I did right in front of you, for you saw it all.
Against you, and you above all, have I sinned.
Everything you say to me is infallibly true
and your judgment conquers me.
5Lord, I have been a sinner from birth,
from the moment my mother conceived me.
6I know that you delight to set your truth deep in my spirit.
So come into the hidden places of my heart
and teach me wisdom.
David’s Cleansing
7Purify my conscience! Make this leper clean again!
Wash me in your love until I am pure in heart.
8Satisfy me in your sweetness, and my song of joy will return.
The places within me you have crushed
will rejoice in your healing touch.
9Hide my sins from your face;
erase all my guilt by your saving grace.
10Create a new, clean heart within me.
Fill me with pure thoughts and holy desires, ready to please you.
11May you never reject me!
May you never take from me your sacred Spirit!
David’s Consecration
12Let my passion for life be restored,
tasting joy in every breakthrough you bring to me.
Hold me close to you with a willing spirit
that obeys whatever you say.
13Then I can show to other guilty ones
how loving and merciful you are.
They will find their way back home to you,
knowing that you will forgive them.
14O God, my saving God,
deliver me fully from every sin,
even the sin that brought bloodguilt.
Then my heart will once again be thrilled to sing
the passionate songs of joy and deliverance!
15Lord God, unlock my heart, unlock my lips,
and I will overcome with my joyous praise!
16For the source of your pleasure is not in my performance
or the sacrifices I might offer to you.
17The fountain of your pleasure is found
in the sacrifice of my shattered heart before you.
You will not despise my tenderness
as I humbly bow down at your feet.
18Because you favor Zion, do what is good for her.
Be the protecting wall around Jerusalem.
19And when we are fully restored,
you will rejoice and take delight
in every offering of our lives
as we bring our sacrifices of righteousness before you in love!