Psalms 41

I Need You, Lord
King David’s poetic song for the Pure and Shining One
1God always blesses those who are kind to the poor and helpless.
They’re the first ones God helps
when they find themselves in any trouble.
2The Lord will preserve and protect them.
They’ll be honored and esteemed
while their enemies are defeated.
3When they are sick, God will restore them,
lying upon their bed of suffering.
He will raise them up again and restore them back to health.
4So in my sickness I say to you,
“Lord, be my kind healer.
Heal my body and soul; heal me, God!
For I have confessed my sins to you.”
5But those who hate me wish the worst for me, saying,
“When will he die and be forgotten?”
6And when these “friends” come to visit me
with their pious sympathy and their hollow words
and with hypocrisy hidden in their hearts,
I can see right through it all.
For they come merely to gather gossip about me,
using all they find to mock me with malicious hearts of slander.
7They are wicked whisperers who imagine the worst for me,
repeating their rumors, saying,
8“He got what he deserved; it’s over for him!
The spirit of infirmity is upon him
and he’ll never get over this illness.”
9Even my ally, my friend, has turned against me.
He was one I totally trusted with my life,
sharing supper with him,
and now he shows me nothing but betrayal and treachery.
He has sold me as an enemy.
10So Lord, please don’t desert me when I need you!
Give me grace and get me back on my feet
so I can triumph over them all.
11Then I’ll know you’re pleased with me
when you allow me to taste of victory over all my foes.
12Now stand up for me and don’t let me fall,
for I’ve walked with integrity.
Keep me before your face forever.
13Everyone praise the Lord God of Israel, always and forever!
For he is from eternity past
and will remain for the eternity to come.
That’s the way it will be forever.
Faithful is our King! Amen!