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Psalms 140

A Prayer for Protection
For the Pure and Shining One
King David’s poetic song
1Lord, protect me from this evil one!
Rescue me from these violent schemes!
2He concocts his secret strategy to divide and harm others,
stirring up trouble one against another.
3They are known for their sharp rhetoric
of poisonous, hateful words.
Pause in his presence
4Keep me safe, Lord, out of reach from these wicked and violent men,
and guard me, God, for they have plotted an evil scheme
to ruin me and bring me down.
5They are proud and insolent; they’ve set an ambush for me in secret.
They are determined to snare me in their net like captured prey.
Pause in his presence
6-7O Lord, you are my God and my saving strength!
My Hero-God, you wrap yourself around me to protect me.
For I’m surrounded by your presence in my day of battle.
Lord Yahweh, hear my cry.
May my voice move your heart to show me mercy.
8Don’t let the wicked triumph over me,
but bring down their every strategy to subdue me
or they will become even more arrogant!
Pause in his presence
9Those who surround me are nothing but proud troublemakers.
May they drink the poison of their own poisonous words.
10-11May their slanderous lives never prosper!
Let evil itself hunt them down and pursue them relentlessly
until they are thrown into fiery pits
from which they will never get out!
Let burning coals of hellfire fall upon their heads!
12For I know, Lord, that you will be the hero
of all those they persecute,
and you will secure justice for the poor.
13Your godly ones will thank you no matter what happens.
For they choose and cherish your presence
above everything else!
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