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Psalms 14

God Looks Down from Heaven # 14 With a few differences, Ps. 14 and Ps. 53 are nearly identical. Ps. 14 is practical; Ps. 53 is prophetic. Ps. 14 deals with the past, Ps. 53 with the future.
For the Pure and Shining One
A Psalm of David
No God
1Only the withering soul # 14:1 Or “fool.” The word for “fool” comes from a Hebrew word meaning “withering.” If we make no room for God, we have withered hearts, our moral sense of righteousness is put to sleep, and the noble aspirations of the heart shrivel up and die. would say to himself,
“There is no God.”
Anyone who thinks like this is corrupt and callous,
devoid of what is good.
2Yahweh looks down in love,
looking over all of Adam’s sons and daughters.
He’s looking to see if there is anyone who acts wisely,
any who are searching for God and wanting to please him.
None Who Are Good
3But everyone has wandered astray,
walking stubbornly toward evil.
Not one is good; he can’t even find one.
4They live in luxury while exploiting my people!
Won’t these workers of wickedness ever learn?
They don’t ever think of praying to God.
Overwhelmed with Dread
5But look at them now, in panic, trembling with terror.
For God is on the side of his godly lovers.
6Yahweh is always the safest place for the poor
when the workers of wickedness oppress them.
Overcome with Joy
7How I wish that Israel’s rescue
would arise from the midst of Zion!
When Yahweh restores his people,
Jacob’s joy will break forth
and Israel will be glad!
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