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Psalms 137

The Song of Our Captivity
1Along the banks of Babylon’s rivers
we sat as exiles, mourning our captivity,
and wept with great love for Zion.
2Our music and mirth were no longer heard, only sadness.
We hung up our harps on the willow trees.
3Our captors tormented us, saying, “Make music for us and
sing one of your happy Zion-songs!”
4But how could we sing the song of the Lord
in this foreign wilderness?
5May my hands never make music again
if I ever forget you, O Jerusalem.
6May I never be able to sing again if I fail to honor Jerusalem supremely!
7And Lord, may you never forget
what the sons of Edom did to us, saying,
“Let’s raze the city of Jerusalem and burn it to the ground!” # 137:7 The Hebrew text reads “Strip her [Jerusalem] naked!”
8Listen, O Babylon, you evil destroyer!
The one who destroys you will be rewarded above all others.
You will be repaid for what you’ve done to us.
9Great honor will come to those who destroy you and your future,
by smashing your infants against the rubble of your own destruction.
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