Psalms 132

David’s Dynasty
A song of the stairway
1Lord, please don’t forget all the hardships
David had to pass through.
2And how he promised you, Jacob’s mighty God, saying,
3“I will not cross the threshold of my own home
to sleep in my own bed.
4I will not sleep or slumber,
nor even take time to close my eyes in rest,
5until I find a place for you to dwell, O mighty God of Jacob.
I devote myself to finding a resting place for you!”
6First we heard that the ark was at Bethlehem.
Then we found it in the forest of Kiriath-Jearim.
7Let’s go into God’s dwelling place
and bow down and worship before him.
8Arise, O Lord, and enter your resting place,
both you and the ark of your glorious strength!
9May your priests wear the robes of righteousness,
and let all your godly lovers sing for joy!
10Don’t forsake your anointed king now,
but honor your servant David.
11For you gave your word and promised David
in an unbreakable oath that one of his sons
would be sitting on the throne to succeed him as king.
12You also promised that if David’s sons
would be faithful to keep their promise to follow you,
obeying the words you spoke to them,
then David’s dynasty would never end.
13Lord, you have chosen Zion as your dwelling place,
for your pleasure is fulfilled in making it your home.
14I hear you say, “I will make this place my eternal dwelling,
for I have loved and desired it as my very own!
15I will make Zion prosper and
satisfy her poor with my provision.
16I will cover my priests with salvation’s power,
and all my godly lovers will shout for joy!
17I will increase the anointing that was upon David,
and my glistening glory will rest upon my chosen ones.
18But David’s enemies will be covered with shame,
while on them I will make holiness bloom!”