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Psalms 129

Persecuted But Not Defeated
A song of the stairway
1Let all Israel admit it.
From our very beginning we have been persecuted by the nations.
2And from our very beginning
we have faced never-ending discrimination.
Nevertheless, our enemies have not defeated us. We’re still here!
3They have hurt us more than can be expressed,
ripping us to shreds, cutting deeply into our souls.
4But no matter what, the Lord is good to us.
He is a righteous God who stood to defend us,
breaking the chains of the evil ones that bound us.
5May all who hate the Jews
fall back in disgrace to a shameful defeat!
6Let them be like grass planted in shallow soil
that soon withers with no sustenance.
7Let them be like weeds ignored by the reaper
and worthless to the harvester.
8Let no one who sees them say,
“May the blessings of Yahweh be upon your life.
May the Lord bless you.” # 129:8 In the Jewish culture, if you passed by one who was harvesting his crops, you would shout out, “The Lord bless you!”
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