Psalms 122

A song of the stairway, by King David
1I was overjoyed when they said,
“Let’s go up to the house of the Lord.”
2And now at last we stand here, inside the very gates of Jerusalem!
3O Jerusalem, you were built as a city of praise,
where God and man mingle together.
4This is where all the tribes of Yahweh are required
to come and worship him.
5This is where the thrones of kings have been established
to rule in righteousness;
even King David ruled from here.
6Pray and seek for Jerusalem’s peace,
for all who love her will prosper!
7O Jerusalem, may there be peace for those
who dwell inside your walls
and prosperity in your every palace.
8I intercede for the sake of my family and friends
who dwell there, that they may all live in peace.
9For the sake of your house, Yahweh our God,
I will seek the welfare and prosperity of Jerusalem.