Psalms 114

A Song for Passover
1Many years ago the Jewish people escaped Egypt’s tyranny,
2so that Israel, God’s people of praise,
would become his holy sanctuary,
his kingdom on the earth.
3The Red Sea waters saw them coming and ran the other way!
Then later, the Jordan River too
moved aside so that they could all pass through.
4The land shuddered with fear.
Mountains and hills shook with dread.
5O sea, what happened to you to make you flee?
O Jordan, what was it that made you turn and run?
6O mountains, what frightened you so?
And you hills, what made you shiver?
7Tremble, O earth, for you are in the presence of the Lord,
the God of Jacob.
8He splits open boulders and brings up bubbling water.
Gushing streams burst forth when he is near!