Psalms 110

Messiah, King, and Priest
King David’s psalm
1Yahweh said to my Lord, the Messiah:
“Sit with me as enthroned ruler
while I subdue your every enemy.
They will bow low before you
as I make them a footstool for your feet.”
2Messiah, I know God himself will establish your kingdom
as you reign in Zion-glory.
For he says to you, “Rule in the midst of your enemies!”
3Your people will be your love offerings.
In the day of your mighty power you will be exalted,
and in the brightness of your holy ones you will shine
as an army arising from the womb of the dawn,
anointed with the dew of your youth!
4Yahweh has taken a solemn oath
and will never back away from it, saying,
“You are a priest for eternity, my King of righteousness!”
5The Lord stands in full authority to shatter to pieces
the kings who stand against you
on the day he displays his terrible wrath.
6He will judge every rebellious nation,
filling their battlefield with corpses,
and will shatter the strongholds of ruling powers.
7Yet he himself will drink from his inheritance
as from a flowing brook;
refreshed by love he will stand victorious!