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Psalms 101

David’s poetic praise
1Lord, I will sing about your faithful love for me.
My song of praise will have your justice as its theme.
2I’m trying my best to walk in the way of integrity,
especially in my own home.
But I need your help!
I’m wondering, Lord, when will you appear?
3I refuse to gaze on that which is vulgar.
I despise works of evil people
and anything that moves my heart away from you.
I will not let evil hold me in its grip.
4Every perverse and crooked way I have put away from my heart,
for I will have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness. # 101:4 Or “evil people.”
5I will silence those who secretly want to slander my friends,
and I will not tolerate the proud and arrogant.
6My innermost circle # 101:6 Or “The faithful of the land.” will only be those
who I know are pure and godly.
They will be the only ones I allow to minister to me.
7There’s no room in my home for hypocrites,
for I can’t stand chronic liars who flatter and deceive.
8At each and every sunrise I will awake to do what’s right
and put to silence those who love wickedness,
freeing God’s people # 101:8 Or “the city of Yahweh.” from their evil grip.
I will do all of this because of my great love for you! # 101:8 This phrase, implied in the Hebrew text, brings conclusion to the psalm.
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