Psalms 56

Common Meter: 8,6,8,6
To the chief Musician upon Jonath-elem-rechokim,
Michtam of David, when the Philistines took him in Gath.
1Shew mercy, Lord, to me, for man
would swallow me outright;
He me oppresseth, while he doth
against me daily fight.
2They daily would me swallow up
that hate me spitefully;
For they be many that do fight
against me, O most High.
3When I'm afraid I'll trust in thee:
4In God I'll praise his word;
I will not fear what flesh can do,
my trust is in the Lord.
5Each day they wrest my words; their thoughts
'gainst me are all for ill.
6They meet, they lurk, they mark my steps,
waiting my soul to kill.
7But shall they by iniquity
escape thy judgments so?
O God, with indignation down
do thou the people throw.
8My wand'rings all what they have been
thou know'st, their number took;
Into thy bottle put my tears:
are they not in thy book?
9My foes shall, when I cry, turn back;
I know't, God is for me.
10In God his word I'll praise; his word
in God shall praised be.
11In God I trust; I will not fear
what man can do to me.
12Thy vows upon me are, O God:
I'll render praise to thee.
13Wilt thou not, who from death me sav'd,
my feet from falls keep free,
To walk before God in the light
of those that living be?