Psalms 33

Common Meter: 8,6,8,6
1Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice;
it comely is and right,
That upright men, with thankful voice,
should praise the Lord of might.
2Praise God with harp, and unto him
sing with the psaltery;
Upon a ten-string'd instrument
make ye sweet melody.
3A new song to him sing, and play
with loud noise skilfully;
4For right is God's word, all his works
are done in verity.
5To judgment and to righteousness
a love he beareth still;
The loving-kindness of the Lord
the earth throughout doth fill.
6The heavens by the word of God
did their beginning take;
And by the breathing of his mouth
he all their hosts did make.
7The waters of the seas he brings
together as an heap;
And in storehouses, as it were,
he layeth up the deep.
8Let earth, and all that live therein,
with rev'rence fear the Lord;
Let all the world's inhabitants
dread him with one accord.
9For he did speak the word, and done
it was without delay;
Established it firmly stood,
whatever he did say.
10God doth the counsel bring to nought
which heathen folk do take;
And what the people do devise
of none effect doth make.
11O but the counsel of the Lord
doth stand for ever sure;
And of his heart the purposes
from age to age endure.
12That nation blessed is, whose God
JEHOVAH is, and those
A blessed people are, whom for
his heritage he chose.
13The Lord from heav'n sees and beholds
all sons of men full well:
14He views all from his dwelling-place
that in the earth do dwell.
15He forms their hearts alike, and all
their doings he observes.
16Great hosts save not a king, much strength
no mighty man preserves.
17An horse for preservation
is a deceitful thing;
And by the greatness of his strength
can no deliv'rance bring.
18Behold on those that do him fear
the Lord doth set his eye;
Ev'n those who on his mercy do
with confidence rely.
19From death to free their soul, in dearth
life unto them to yield.
20Our soul doth wait upon the Lord;
he is our help and shield.
21Sith in his holy name we trust,
our heart shall joyful be.
22Lord, let thy mercy be on us,
as we do hope in thee.