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Psalms 144

Common Meter: 8,6,8,6
A Psalm of David.
1O blessed ever be the Lord,
who is my strength and might,
Who doth instruct my hands to war,
my fingers teach to fight.
2My goodness, fortress, my high tow'r,
deliverer, and shield,
In whom I trust: who under me
my people makes to yield.
3Lord, what is man, that thou of him
dost so much knowledge take?
Or son of man, that thou of him
so great account dost make?
4Man is like vanity; his days,
as shadows, pass away.
5Lord, bow thy heav'ns, come down, touch thou
the hills, and smoke shall they.
6Cast forth thy lightning, scatter them;
thine arrows shoot, them rout.
7Thine hand send from above, me save;
from great depths draw me out;
And from the hand of children strange,
8Whose mouth speaks vanity;
And their right hand is a right hand
that works deceitfully.
9A new song I to thee will sing,
Lord, on a psaltery;
I on a ten-string'd instrument
will praises sing to thee.
10Ev'n he it is that unto kings
salvation doth send;
Who his own servant David doth
from hurtful sword defend.
11O free me from strange children's hand,
whose mouth speaks vanity;
And their right hand a right hand is
that works deceitfully.
12That, as the plants, our sons may be
in youth grown up that are;
Our daughters like to corner-stones,
carv'd like a palace fair.
13That to afford all kind of store
our garners may be fill'd;
That our sheep thousands, in our streets
ten thousands they may yield.
14That strong our oxen be for work,
that no in-breaking be,
Nor going out; and that our streets
may from complaints be free.
15Those people blessed are who be
in such a case as this;
Yea, blessed all those people are,
whose God JEHOVAH is.
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