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Psalms 137

Common Meter: 8,6,8,6
1By Babel's streams we sat and wept,
when Sion we thought on.
2In midst thereof we hang'd our harps
the willow-trees upon.
3For there a song required they,
who did us captive bring:
Our spoilers call'd for mirth, and said,
A song of Sion sing.
4O how the Lord's song shall we sing
within a foreign land?
5If thee, Jerus'lem, I forget,
skill part from my right hand.
6My tongue to my mouth's roof let cleave,
if I do thee forget,
Jerusalem, and thee above
my chief joy do not set.
7Remember Edom's children, Lord,
who in Jerus'lems day,
Ev'n unto its foundation,
Raze, raze it quite, did say.
8O daughter thou of Babylon,
near to destruction;
Bless'd shall he be that thee rewards,
as thou to us hast done.
9Yea, happy surely shall he be
thy tender little ones
Who shall lay hold upon,
and them shall dash against the stones.
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