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Psalms 1

Book 1
Psalms 1—41
Common Meter: 8,6,8,6
1That man hath perfect blessedness,
who walketh not astray
In counsel of ungodly men,
nor stands in sinners' way,
Nor sitteth in the scorner's chair:
2But placeth his delight
Upon God's law, and meditates
on his law day and night.
3He shall be like a tree that grows
near planted by a river,
Which in his season yields his fruit,
and his leaf fadeth never:
And all he doth shall prosper well
4The wicked are not so;
But like they are unto the chaff,
which wind drives to and fro.
5In judgment therefore shall not stand
such as ungodly are;
Nor in th' assembly of the just
shall wicked men appear.
6For why? the way of godly men
unto the Lord is known:
Whereas the way of wicked men
shall quite be overthrown.
Psalm 1
The two paths #1:1 This psalm tells us about two groups of people: People who want to please God, and people who do not respect God at all. It is like these two groups of people walk along different paths. Each path leads to a different result. Verse 6 tells us what happens to people in each of these groups.
1If someone does not do what wicked people tell him to do,
if he does not join with sinners,
if he does not meet with those who laugh at God,
God has blessed that person!
2He is happy when he obeys the Law of the Lord.
He thinks about God's Law during the day and at night.
3He will become like a tree that grows beside streams of water.
It will give its fruit at the right season.
Its leaves do not fall off.
Everything that person does will have a good result.
4But wicked people are as empty as chaff.
The wind blows them away. #1:4 Wicked people do not obey God's rules. God will blow them away like chaff one day.
5So they will not go free when God judges them.
Sinners cannot join with God's people,
the people who are right with God. #1:5 God judges all people. He will decide if we are guilty.
6The Lord takes care of people who respect him.
But wicked people are living in a way that will take them to a bad end.