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Psalms 1

1Blessed is the man, that goeth not in the counsel of wicked men; and stood not in the way of sinners, and sat not in the chair of pestilence.
2But his will is in the law of the Lord; and he shall bethink in the law of him day and night.
3And he shall be as a tree, which is planted beside the runnings of waters; that shall give his fruit in his time. And his leaf shall not fall down; and all things, whichever he shall do, shall have prosperity.
4Not so wicked men, not so; but they be as dust, which the wind casteth away from the face of the earth.
5Therefore wicked men rise not again in doom; neither sinners in the council of just men [nor the sinful in the council of the rightwise].
6For the Lord knoweth the way of just men [or the rightwise]; and the way of wicked men shall perish.