Tehillim 96

1O sing unto Hashem a shir chadash; sing unto Hashem, kol ha'aretz. 2Sing unto Hashem, barakhu Shmo, show forth His Yeshuah (salvation) from day to day. 3Declare His kavod among the Goyim, His nifle'ot (marvelous deeds) among all peoples. 4For Hashem is gadol, and me'od to be praised; He is to be feared above all elohim. 5For kol elohei HaAmim are elilim (idols); but Hashem made Shomayim. 6Hod and hadar are before Him; oz and tiferet are in His Mikdash. 7Render unto Hashem, O ye mishpekhot of the nations, render unto Hashem kavod and oz. 8Render unto Hashem the kavod due unto Shmo; bring a minchah, and come into His khatzerot (courtyards). 9O worship Hashem in the hadrat Kodesh; fear before Him, kol ha'aretz. 10Say among the Goyim that Hashem reigneth; the tevel also is established that it shall not be moved; He shall judge the Amim bemeysharim (in equity, in uprightness). 11Let Shomayim rejoice, and let ha'aretz be glad; let the yam roar, and the fullness thereof. 12Let the sadeh be jubilant, and all that is therein; then shall kol atzei ya'ar (all the trees of the forest) sing for joy 13Before Hashem; for He cometh, for He cometh to judge ha'aretz; He shall judge tevel betzedek (world in righteousness), and Amim with His emunah (truth).