Tehillim (Psa) 55

1For the leader. With stringed instruments. A maskil of David:
2Listen, God, to my prayer!
Don’t hide yourself from my plea!
3Pay attention to me, and answer me!
I am panic-stricken as I make my complaint,
I shudder 4at how the enemy shouts,
at how the wicked oppress;
for they keep heaping trouble on me
and angrily tormenting me.
5My heart within me is pounding in anguish,
the terrors of death press down on me,
6fear and trembling overwhelm me,
horror covers me.
7I said, “I wish I had wings like a dove!
Then I could fly away and be at rest.
8Yes, I would flee to a place far off,
I would stay in the desert. (Selah)
9I would quickly find me a shelter
from the raging wind and storm.”
10Confuse, Adonai, confound their speech!
For I see violence and fighting in the city.
11Day and night they go about its walls;
within are malice and mischief.
12Ruin is rife within it,
oppression and fraud never leave its streets.
13For it was not an enemy who insulted me;
if it had been, I could have borne it.
It was not my adversary who treated me with scorn;
if it had been, I could have hidden myself.
14But it was you, a man of my own kind,
my companion, whom I knew well.
15We used to share our hearts with each other;
in the house of God we walked with the crowd.
16May he put death on them;
let them go down alive to Sh’ol;
for evil is in their homes
and also in their hearts.
17But I will call on God,
and Adonai will save me.
18Evening, morning and noon I complain
and moan; but he hears my voice.
19He redeems me and gives me peace,
so that no one can come near me.
For there were many who fought me.
20God will hear and will humble them,
yes, he who has sat on his throne from the start. (Selah)
For they never change,
and they don’t fear God.
21[My companion] attacked those
who were at peace with him;
he broke his solemn word.
22What he said sounded smoother than butter,
but his heart was at war.
His words seemed more soothing than oil,
but in fact they were sharp swords.
23Unload your burden on Adonai,
and he will sustain you.
He will never permit
the righteous to be moved.
24But you will bring them down, God,
into the deepest pit.
Those men, so bloodthirsty and treacherous,
will not live out half their days.
But for my part, [Adonai,]
I put my trust in you.